Our Story

Originally born out of the University of Cape Town’s Postgraduate Entrepreneurship Programme in 2012, Bamboo Revolution is a South African business, that first launched in August 2012. 

Our aim was to take an everyday functional object and redesign it, whilst keeping fashion and sustainability a top priority. With ‘form follows function’ as our design mantra and our guiding principle, ‘simplicity’, we are committed to developing quality wristwatches, made from natural materials and without the unnecessary detail and branding.

Founder, Amy de Castro, saw the potential to expand her natural wristwatch brand internationally. "We are committed to developing a sustainable business, brand and offering, which we want to share with the world. We are focused on developing not just another wristwatch but rather a product and a brand that people feel good about wearing and sharing."

Our Values


We aim to disrupt the traditional wristwatch market, in that a watch made from natural materials can be a modern and stylish statement piece. Our original designs are unisex, suitable for all occasions and can be worn equally by men and women, from all walks of life. Our watches are simplistic and timeless!

Green Revolution

Bamboo is a grass that grows naturally and rapidly in the wild and does not require any enablers to assist its growth. You can eat bamboo, you can use it to eat, you can eat on it, you can wear it, and you can live under it. Inspired by the versatility, durability and natural beauty, we choose bamboo as the core component of our products. Our packaging is hand-made and recyclable.

Social Responsibility

We are proud supporters of local enterprise. Our leather watch straps are sourced, handcrafted and assembled in South Africa. We pledge our support to local greening initiative, ‘Greenpop’, donating a portion of our proceeds monthly. We strongly believe in creating a greener, more conscious and sustainable environment. Through our actions, we aim to inspire you to get involved and start doing